Creative and original ideas

Looking for inspiration or some great ideas for your business?

When you are up to your ass in alligators,

it is difficult to remind yourself that your

initial objective was to drain the swamp.


It is equally difficult to generate creative and original ideas when

the pressures of running the business consumes your every minute.

GETTING THE IDEA  It's a fact, life is unique; it is full of obstacles, but also full of opportunities. Every situation you encounter, every problem you face, is an opportunity. Can you identify the opportunity from the other issues you must deal with? You are human, you and your staff can't see the obvious. What do you do?

Your brain keeps slowing down with uncounted ideas and solutions, every single day. At first it was easy. There were so many great ideas. But what happens to those new ideas? Do you write them down, treasure them, maybe even shout them out to the world? Probably not. You might think that your ideas are not too important. So you forget about them. You trash them. Or worse - you decide to leave it all to THEM: one day, THEY will realize that there's a demand for this or that, and so one day THEY will come up with the proper creation, invention or solution.

A WW II story tells of Allied forces trying to cross a bridge with overhead beams one inch to low for the equipment needed to cross it. Tacticians, engineers and other professionals were brought in to solve the problem. Plans were made to cut the bridge. A small local boy standing by the side finally yelled out, "why don't you just let some air out of the tires. Problem solved.

How many times have you not seen the obvious? What does it take to see the obvious? Someone with enough cross industry background to understand the problem and see the obvious.

Allowing others to to generate new ideas may seem painful at first. But if you think about it, it's a wonderful experience. They see things from a fresh, new and different perspective. You can add, modify or direct these ideas. You can take advantage of them.

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